Monday, April 5, 2010


Daisy Delilah is Pregnant!
Spring Break 2010

Well, it was with much trepidation that I had my pregnancy test today.  Did you know that dogs do not just get to go on a stick like humans?  It is only by blood tests...somebody really should invent something for dogs that we can do at home.  I thought I might be expecting because my family has been making little snide comments about my weight and to be honest I have gained a little.  You know I am a full figure girl but 8 pounds in 4 weeks is a little much.  ( My Mother is putting on a little weight too...I'm just sayin)  Dr. Lee says that I will be due the last week in April. 
Do I look fat to you?
Thank goodness it happened after Spring Break!

I like to spend my days looking at kayakers and fishermen.  My Dad put a light in the water and I also like to stare at fish.  My favorite thing by far is barking at the birds. I own this canal!

Anna Maria! My favorite place to relax is on the dock! 

I just went on my first kayak ride...good thing nobody knew I was pregnant because I am pretty sure that would have been out.

Please keep up with my adventures and my pregnancy!  My Mom is so excited that I'm sure she will be blogging a lot!