Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Since You Asked

Here are some Golden Retriever Facts

The temperament of a Golden is what makes them special.  They are kind, friendly, and confident. They are friends to all especially children and really never know a stranger.
  • They are extremely intelligent!  According to the ranking in the book "The Intelligence of Dogs" by Stanley Coren, the Golden is ranked 4th.  They are surpassed only by the Border Collie, Poodle, and German Sheperd.
  • Very Popular...They ranked 4th as the most popular dogs in the U.S.in 2009
  • "English Cream" is a description of the coat color and slight variations in the  U.S.Golden standard.  They are all still Golden Retrievers.

Some Ancestry on Daisy and Moses

Where did You Get your dogs?
Daisy and Moses were both adopted from the Solid Rock Goldens Kennel in North Carolina.  They have the most beautiful dogs in the country in my opinion and certainly the most loving breeding environment that I have ever seen.  Jim and Joy Kramm are wonderful and loving people as well as outstanding breeders! Their website is http://www.solidrockgoldens.com/ and I highly recommend visiting it!  It is guaranteed to make you smile....and want a precious puppy!

Daisy was born 6/30/07 She is AKC registered and OFA certified.  Numbers available upon request. She is essentially half English Cream and half American.
Her Sire was Buddy Boy call name, Websen-Gold Rush.. He is an American Golden ; his bloodlines include 42 champions in 5 generations. The dam is Sheba an "English Cream" and also comes from a long line of champions from England, Norway, and Finland. She has 40 champions in 5 generations!

Moses was born 8/11/08.  He is AKC registered and OFA prelim certified.  Numbers available upon request.  My boy Mo is a full "English Cream" His Sire is Prince, a strong beautiful Golden from Russia.  He is the son of an International Champion.  His dam is Cara/ call name Tara  Mediguard of Romania.  She is a gorgeous "English Cream" from Romania.  She comes from a long line of European Champions and has an OFA Hip rating of Excellent.

Moses and Daisy come from excellent stock and represent our financial and personal committment to the Golden Retriever breed.  The puppies from this litter will be combinations of the traits of the English standard and the American standard.

What is the difference between the two you might ask?
Well, there is a  lot of info. online, but basically there are slight variations,  The primary difference is the coat color.  The Goldens of European descent tend to have a wider and shorter muzzle, a blockier forehead, shorter legs, slightly deeper chest, and a shorter cream colored coat.  A Golden of primarily American stock is normally lankier and less stocky.  They have denser coats and come in varying shades of Gold.  Why? There are some excellent discussions on this online and some interesting genetic articles discussing the origins of the Golden color. I tend to lose a little interest halfway through these discussions because I just love my dogs and am happy whatever their color is as long as they are of good temperament and healthy.  Beware of buying dogs based on color alone!!!

What is OFA certification?
This is an independent x-ray evauluation of the dogs hips and elbows by the Orthapedic Foundation for Animals.  This says that they are not prone to having hip displasia and have good hip joint conformation.  This is an expensive test but very important!  Both Daisy and Moses are OFA certified.

Feel Free to contact me at Mercerbk@aol.com if you are interested in having one of our precious PUPPIES!!!!!