Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Seven Ages of Dog

My Apologies to William Shakespeare!
All the world's a stage and all the puppies merely players.
They have their exits and their entrances.
And one dog in his time plays many parts.

  First, comes the puppy, mewling and puking in his mother's arms.

The latest puppies at 2 almost 3 weeks
 Then comes the  whining school puppy, with leash in paw and shining morning face creeping like snail unwillingly to obedience school.

 Lola and Daisy
Then comes the soldier dog full of strange barks and bearded like the pard
Champ or Lola??
Next, comes the lover

Dasiy and Moses

Daisy Delilah
The sixth age shifts...
Last scene of all, that ends this strange and eventful history is second puppishness and mere oblivion
sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything.

RIP Hank 
November 2010
We are in week number 2 and some puppies have opened their eyes  and some are even trying to walk!
Thanks for Reading and contact me at Mercerbk@aol.com if you are interested in the last litter of Daisy and Moses!

Monday, November 29, 2010

My Days with Daisy: Our New Christmas Babies!

My Days with Daisy: Our New Christmas Babies!

Our New Christmas Babies!

We have Puppies for Sale!
Ready Jan. 19th
Put a picture under your tree and come to our house on Christmas day for a little visit with your puppy!  
If you missed our last litter, here's your  LAST chance! We have retired Daisy and Moses has been fixed.
We have sweet, loving males left from this litter of English Cream Golden Retrievers!

A puppy from our last litter

 We still have some precious boys available.  We are taking deposits now and we have priced them way below market price.  

This is a picture of Daisy with our two puppies Lola and Champ.  They are from the last litter of Daisy and Moses! 
Moses playing

Contact me at Mercerbk@aol.com or at 863-559-4811 

Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Days with Daisy: The Glimmer Twins

My Days with Daisy: The Glimmer Twins

The Glimmer Twins

The Misadventures
Champ & Lola

Here is a long awaited post about about my precious spawn of Daisy Delilah and Moses aka "Big Mo"  To get up to speed, Cami has gone to Franklin, N.C. to live with my cousins.  Her name is now, Tess, and she is having the time of her life.  North Carolina is perfectly suited for Goldens, but more about that later.

 We did not, could not, would not, and have not sold the other two puppies.  They are now part of the pack of five Goldens, two very irritated Cats, three Teenagers, one indulgent Husband, and one, almost, maybe, menopausal ME!

We had all intentions of only keeping one, but it was becoming a bit like "Sophie's Choice" and for those old enough to remember the movie, it was a really hard choice for Meryl Streep. ( sorry a litle dark humor).  We kept a girl, Lola. My daughter loves the name and added Belle to it, so her full name is Lola Belle.  It either reminds me of a name of a housekeeper from childhood or an old Kink's fan who is forced to watch "Beauty and the Beast" ad nauseum. I could go either way on this one.

The boy was named Champ by my middle son, who really does not like animals.  Poor thing....what a cruel joke to be stuck in this family. Add to it that the Son likes to be punctual and organized.  He really has a tough row to hoe in this house with "Maybe Menopausal Me" for a Mother!  I have no opinions on the name "Champ" other than it does not really fit with the other animal names. My friend, Carey, thinks he got the shaft compared to the other pets with cooler names. It could be worse....he could have been named "Spot"... but then he would have been immortalized with Dick and Jane sooooo  maybe "Champ" is not so good.
 It does kinda remind me of the old guy, Burgess Meredith, in "Rocky." Every time I call him, I hear myself sounding like him in the old stocking cap. In fact, maybe I am starting to look like Burgess Meredith...I'm certainly short enough. I have also heard that Sylvestor Stallone is very short?  Sorry, Sorry!  I digress yet again!  Suffice it say that we kept a boy and his name is CHAMP!

They are very different in their approaches to life.  Champ is from Venus and Lola is from Mars.  As of today, Lola is very vocal and assertive.  Champ is quiet almost to the point of silence and is more reserved.  They actually seem a lot like Maybe Menopausal Me and my dear sweet long suffering husband.

Hmmm... is it life imitating dogs or dogs imitating life???
aka "Maybe Menopausal Me"

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

One Flew the Coop

This Must be the Cuckoo's Nest
I must be crazy, or at least crazier than usual.  I have not posted for a while because my oldest child graduated from High School this month.  People have always said that it is a busy and crazy time and I did not believe them.  I mean how busy can it be if you have all your ducks in a row and prepare ahead??? I can be super organized, girl scout Mom when I have to.  Well, guess what ? I was wrong again and THEY were right.  I just about lost my mind hence the lack of posts.
 Suffice it to say that we had the rounds of parties, and the ceremonies.  We lost the cap right before it was needed and then found it right after it was not!  We wrote the "thank yous", packed for college, said the goodbyes, and I cried the tears!  My beautiful boy has left the nest, But I still have PUPPIES!!!!

I cannot tell them apart yet! I have different collars on them, but they are so fluffy that the collars are covered up.

They are Goldens after all, so you knew they would love the water!

We can't forget Daisy Delilah...who started this madness or sweet  Moses!!!

Bye for now... the babies I mean puppies are calling!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Happy Belated Birthday! We are in the 4th week!

Weaning Here We Come!

The puppies are growing and changing everyday.  Daisy is spending less and less time with them and I guess it is time to start the weaning process.  I am not really looking forward to this as my work is about to start in earnest.

 Up to this point, Daisy has been cooking the meals, cleaning the house, and heading up the    entertainment committee.   She has been the chief cook and bottle washer so to speak.... now it is my turn!

We offered some baby cereal on our fingers yesterday and it was met with mild disinterest by the boy, total disdain by the smaller girl and complete delight by our roly poly girl.

Hmmm, I wonder if she will be a full figure gal like Daisy Delilah???

They are clamoring to get out of the whelping box, but no way Jose!  

Moses still does not know what to make of them. He really can't decide what they are...toys, cats, puppies, rats???

That's all for today!  Next time, I think Daisy might post since she will once again be a lady of leisure!

Friday, May 21, 2010

L+M=N Loss plus Memories equals Nostalgia

And Then There Were Three
I had to put one of my precious puppies to sleep today.  It was becoming apparent that she had a birth defect.  At first, I thought it was a "swimmer puppy" which means its legs are splayed out and it has trouble walking.  This can sometimes be corrected.  Sadly, it was more serious.  It was Pectus Excavatum which is a deformity of the sternum also known as funnel chest. Basically, her chest was malformed making it hard for her to breathe and a host of other problems.  

If she had been born in a larger litter and if we had not taken such good care of her and helped her nurse etc. she probably would not have made it as long as she did.  It is normal to sometimes lose a puppy and I can't decide if earlier or later in the process is better. Daisy was a good Momma and the puppy did not suffer.
The other two girls and boy are doing great! They are starting to walk, bark, and have little personalities. The boy is by far the most vocal.  I think we will name them soon.

No pictures of puppies this time because well, my heart is not in it...but I wanted ya'll to know.  I have pondered a name for her  and all day I have thought about the story of Gracie at Bonaventure Cemetary in Savannah.  Forgive me as I wax nostalgic for a moment. Every Sunday when I was a girl,  we would make the rounds at the cemetary.  I know this sounds morbid, but I think a lot of people did it back then. Everybody would squeeze into one car and go to ride...to the graveyard( and my kids wonder why I'm crazy!).  Either before, or normally after Sunday dinner depending on the season, we would go to Bonaventure and put flowers from the yard at the family gravesite. If there were no blooms, we would rake or pick up sticks. 
 Anyway, I would often get bored and walk around and right down from our plot was Gracie's plot. It now has a fence around it, but when I was a girl it did not.  You could go right up to it.  It was and still is a lifesize monument of a little girl who was beloved by her family who died very young.  For some reason it always scared me especially because her nose was chipped a little. 

The cemetary itself is filled with old oaks draped in moss, huge imposing cherubim monuments, various crypts and mausoleums all beside the  Savannah River.  It is so quiet that everything seems muffled and the modern world melts away when you are there. 

 I think as a kid somebody scared me with a tale of if I walked around her three times then I would hear her talk. I may have been confusing that with Tomochichi's rock.  But whatever, I loved and feared going to Bonaventure.  
Funny how the death of a three week old puppy can make you stop, reflect, and remember.


ps. The obelisk above and below is my Grandfather's family plot.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

One Week Today!!

The Puppies Are Growing!

This has been a wonderful week.  I am amazed at how much fun it can be just staring at puppies!  My family has spent a lot of time gathered around the whelping box, which I might add is the bombdiggity and I highly recommend it! 

The changes have been coming fast and loose.  They are growing like weeds. They have gone from looking like white rats, to piglets and now I swear they look like mini white manatees.  They are so fat that I wonder if their little legs will be able to support them.  I guess we will see....

I was extolling the merits of having puppies to Bob and he reminded me that the first weeks are the easiest as Daisy takes care of all of the duties.  I wonder if there is such a thing as ape puppy nanny or puppy au pere??? I'm not much of a worker bee...I'm a delicate flower...LOL  Good try right?!  Dr. Lee says I better get ready for the work, but so far so good.

We went for our weigh in on Monday and everybody gained a half a pound (including me d$%^ it!)1  Daisy lost 5 ilbs of her babyweight.  She might as well give it up because we all know your figure goes to hell in a hand basket after child/puppy birth.  I didn't tell her though, let her hope for a while poor thing...bless her heart.

Maryann at Dr. Lee's office took good care of the puppies and Daisy wanted to help!

Christina thinks she wants a puppy... we will see.  She has her eye on the little boy.

Karen and Dr. Lee were to busy to get their pixs made...maybe next time.

Let's hope that next week goes as well....


KIM for Daisy who was a tad postpartum today and did not feel like posting.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Puppies came last night!

I was right on time.
I had my first puppy at Midnight, the second at two am and the third at five am and the last one at six am.  I was exhausted and so was my whole family.

I had three beautiful girls and one strong boy. 

I had so many visitors today.

I feel so loved!

xxxooo Daisy Delilah new mom