Thursday, May 6, 2010

One Week Today!!

The Puppies Are Growing!

This has been a wonderful week.  I am amazed at how much fun it can be just staring at puppies!  My family has spent a lot of time gathered around the whelping box, which I might add is the bombdiggity and I highly recommend it! 

The changes have been coming fast and loose.  They are growing like weeds. They have gone from looking like white rats, to piglets and now I swear they look like mini white manatees.  They are so fat that I wonder if their little legs will be able to support them.  I guess we will see....

I was extolling the merits of having puppies to Bob and he reminded me that the first weeks are the easiest as Daisy takes care of all of the duties.  I wonder if there is such a thing as ape puppy nanny or puppy au pere??? I'm not much of a worker bee...I'm a delicate flower...LOL  Good try right?!  Dr. Lee says I better get ready for the work, but so far so good.

We went for our weigh in on Monday and everybody gained a half a pound (including me d$%^ it!)1  Daisy lost 5 ilbs of her babyweight.  She might as well give it up because we all know your figure goes to hell in a hand basket after child/puppy birth.  I didn't tell her though, let her hope for a while poor thing...bless her heart.

Maryann at Dr. Lee's office took good care of the puppies and Daisy wanted to help!

Christina thinks she wants a puppy... we will see.  She has her eye on the little boy.

Karen and Dr. Lee were to busy to get their pixs made...maybe next time.

Let's hope that next week goes as well....


KIM for Daisy who was a tad postpartum today and did not feel like posting.