Monday, September 21, 2009

The Happy Couple

If my calculations are correct, then we are on day 26 of Daisy's pregnancy.

This is an 18x24 acrylic on canvas of Moses and Daisy loosely based on the picture above.  I just had to paint them!

From Daisy:  I think I had a little Morning sickness yesterday.  I normally beg for the crust from my Mother's whole wheat toast and I was just not up for it.  I always stand with my paws in her lap and wait for the crust, but I just did not have the energy.  Everyone in the house took notice of the change like it was some big deal worthy of comment.  My Mother started checking my stomach and calling my Dad over to feel.  I wish she would just take me to Dr. L and stop all the speculation.  If I have to look at one more pregnancy calender then I am going to scream.  I have to say I do feel a little heavier and a little more tired...hmmmm
Daisy Delilah

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Drawing Dogs

I love to paint Mermaids, Orchids, Roosters and now Dogs!

I have been wanting to paint my beautiful Goldens for a while, but I have always been too busy painting other beautiful things. I just got some new flourescent paints in the mail and I could not resist.

I also could not resist fooling around with Picnik, hence the postage stamp look.

Love the Picnik collage effect! I think it looks like a before and after beauty shot.

My beautiful Moses...I just love this picture!

Moses is a one year old English Cream Golden Retriever.
From Daisy: I refused to comment on this post because it seems to be all about Moses. I think SHE likes him better because he fawns all over her and follows her step for step. I for one have a life and spend more time on more interesting endeavors like hunting lizards. I will on occassion watch her paint, but really I am enjoying the coolness of the floor of The Mermaid Shed.
Ciao !
Daisy Delilah (who was neither painted nor mentioned in this post)