Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Days with Daisy: The Glimmer Twins

My Days with Daisy: The Glimmer Twins

The Glimmer Twins

The Misadventures
Champ & Lola

Here is a long awaited post about about my precious spawn of Daisy Delilah and Moses aka "Big Mo"  To get up to speed, Cami has gone to Franklin, N.C. to live with my cousins.  Her name is now, Tess, and she is having the time of her life.  North Carolina is perfectly suited for Goldens, but more about that later.

 We did not, could not, would not, and have not sold the other two puppies.  They are now part of the pack of five Goldens, two very irritated Cats, three Teenagers, one indulgent Husband, and one, almost, maybe, menopausal ME!

We had all intentions of only keeping one, but it was becoming a bit like "Sophie's Choice" and for those old enough to remember the movie, it was a really hard choice for Meryl Streep. ( sorry a litle dark humor).  We kept a girl, Lola. My daughter loves the name and added Belle to it, so her full name is Lola Belle.  It either reminds me of a name of a housekeeper from childhood or an old Kink's fan who is forced to watch "Beauty and the Beast" ad nauseum. I could go either way on this one.

The boy was named Champ by my middle son, who really does not like animals.  Poor thing....what a cruel joke to be stuck in this family. Add to it that the Son likes to be punctual and organized.  He really has a tough row to hoe in this house with "Maybe Menopausal Me" for a Mother!  I have no opinions on the name "Champ" other than it does not really fit with the other animal names. My friend, Carey, thinks he got the shaft compared to the other pets with cooler names. It could be worse....he could have been named "Spot"... but then he would have been immortalized with Dick and Jane sooooo  maybe "Champ" is not so good.
 It does kinda remind me of the old guy, Burgess Meredith, in "Rocky." Every time I call him, I hear myself sounding like him in the old stocking cap. In fact, maybe I am starting to look like Burgess Meredith...I'm certainly short enough. I have also heard that Sylvestor Stallone is very short?  Sorry, Sorry!  I digress yet again!  Suffice it say that we kept a boy and his name is CHAMP!

They are very different in their approaches to life.  Champ is from Venus and Lola is from Mars.  As of today, Lola is very vocal and assertive.  Champ is quiet almost to the point of silence and is more reserved.  They actually seem a lot like Maybe Menopausal Me and my dear sweet long suffering husband.

Hmmm... is it life imitating dogs or dogs imitating life???
aka "Maybe Menopausal Me"