Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Baby's Daddy

We Don't Need no Maury Povich!

I have been asked this a lot lately soooo The Father or sire I should say to my litter is Moses.  No, it cannot possibly be Hank as some of you have mistakenly postulated because he was neutered long ago and I can assure you there was no reversal.  He does give it a good go once in a while but at 13 years old, it does not work out very well.  It is like watching things in a doggie nursing home, but I digress.  Anyway, Moses is my baby's daddy.    

Moses came from Solid Rock Goldens in North Carolina.   Jim and Judy Kramm are the most wonderful breeders! I will write more about them later and their breeding program.  Dad got Moses for my mother for Christmas two years ago.  It was a surprise and he was in his crate under the tree when they got home from church on Christmas Eve!  Our older Golden, Annie had passed away in the Fall  so Dad knew she was missing having another dog.  I mean, afterall, can you really have too many dogs???

Moses is a full English Cream Golden Retriever.  He is from completely different bloodlines than me...we are not into inbreeding around here....(you can see enough of that at your local Wal  They paid for full registration so that we could have our precious litter. Can you tell I'm EXCITED!  Oh yes, the EZWhelp box came today in the mail.  That name still cracks me up...maybe they should come out with some EZBirth stuff for humans...oh yeah they already have...they are called DRUGS!  Hmm... EZbirth stirrups, EZbirth forceps...EZbirth massaging hospital really is endless.

Ok, Gotta GO! xoo

PS. My Mother is playing with some photoshop thing LOL