Friday, April 9, 2010

What to buy? what to buy?

Whelping Boxes 101

Who knew that having puppies would be such a big deal?? My Mother is freaking out about something called a whelping box.  Apparently, you can buy a store bought box to deliver your babies in...who knew? Back in the day, you went under the house  found a corner without spiders, dug a little hole in the nice cool dirt and you were set.  They'd try to coax you out sometimes, but most of the time they just left your food for you and there you stayed.  Now, sometimes the fancy house dogs stayed inside and went in a closet and delivered on old towels or an old flannel bathrobe.   Times Sure Have Changed...

This is one of 5 different "whelping boxes" that my Mother has been researching online for goodness sake!  This model is the EZwhelp  box (like they know ha! imagine if they called it "the hurts like hell and is a mess box" ).
Apparently, this is not the cadillac of whelping boxes, but is a good solid medium.  FYI these boxes can be made at home out of wood or bought online out of wood or plastic covered cardboard.  My Mother chose the cardboard because it will be lighter and easier to move around. Personally, I think she was sucked in by the name and the cute website. She says it will be easier to clean, but I'm doubtful.

 She also ordered the "weaning box"  this is so the puppies can move around as they get bigger.... kinda like a rec room for pups. I guess we are in High Cotton  to be ordering all this stuff....she even bought pads shhh I'm definitely not supposed to let Dad know. 

There has been much discussion about all the clean up and about the size of the litter.  We aren't sure yet how many there are yet, but I am feeling good right now.

                                                                Daisy on April 7, 2010             

Talk to Ya'll Soon!