Saturday, January 30, 2010

An Ode to my Big Green Ball

There are so many great things about Balls!
I really Love balls.  My favorite ones are the big latex ones.

I prefer the ones that have designs on them because it really makes gripping them easier.  It makes me so mad when Daisy or Hank try to steal them.  Sometimes I like them to try but I always win and I never just give up.  Now Hank is not a challenge as he has so few teeth, but Daisy is another matter entirely.  She will try to steal it, but if she gets it she gives it up pretty easily. I find that so interesting...she has no sense of competition.  

The ball represents so much more than a toy.  I guess you could compare it to a man and his car.  In some cases a car is a car, but at other times a car is a symbol of his masculinity, his power, his status.  Just like me and my ball.  It is big and dirty and not girly like the tennis ball that Daisy prefers.  You have to have strong jaws and like dirt.  You can show off your speed chasing it and your hunting ability by finding it.  It is also an excellent excuse to play in the dirt if you are the digging and burying kind.  I of course prefer to dig and hide my  ball.  I always get in trouble but of course, as we all know it is better to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission....Right???