Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Ten and Counting!

The Prodigal Dog Returns!

Meet Duke

Duke was a puppy from our second litter.  His very unoriginal and ubiquitous name was Tiny Tim. He was the smallest in his litter of eight and like most runts, he was the most beloved and the last to go. The thought of keeping him briefly went through my mind; but as a family, we were exhausted after having two litters so close together. Not to mention, we already had four Goldens. In case you missed it, Daisy conceived after Moses had his vasectomy so these pups were definitely unplanned on both Daisy and my part.  She is scoffing right now as I bemoan how exhausted I was, but even though she did her part, I did still had a lot to do.
  Anyone who has ever had a litter of puppies knows that it involves a lot of odorous waste and buckets of bleach water.There are countless moments of anxiety over whether he or she is warm enough, cool enough, eating enough and whether or not the vet should be called. They will liken it unto having a newborn and they will be absolutely right. Suffice it to say that it is a lot of worry and work. 

The newborns
As I said earlier, Tiny Tim was the last to go to a great home with a lot of kids. They renamed him Duke and there he remained until recently. But alas, it is sometimes hard to juggle kid's activities and the caring and training
Duke thinking he is invisible
of  a big dog. So they  decided that perhaps Duke aka"Tiny" would be better served to come home and learn some manners and be with his old pack. It seems that Duke was not adjusting as well as he should and was struggling with some anxiety.  I think old Tiny sounds like me on a bad day except that his doggy xanax did not seem to do the trick.  Yes, they do have that medicine and Doggy Prozac too, I think.  We or should I say Duke has not had to go down that road yet...But Daisy and I may be taking that route sooner than later with FIVE Goldens in the pack.

From left to right, Champ, Daisy, Lola, Moses, and Duke.

We are now a  happy family of Ten!

 I could include, Lilly and Milly, our cats, but they are so irritated at this point that they are considering reloacating and I can't say I blame them.  Duke is struggling with them since he was not raised with felines.  One would think that he would learn after having his butt kicked by Lilly so many times that he would leave them alone. Some males are just harder headed than others. This conflict  will most assuredly resolve itself soon...hopefully before Duke loses an eye.

So it is with great pleasure that I introduce you to the newest member of our family!

Duke !


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