Friday, June 24, 2016

Dog Thoughts: Number One

What is that scary Movie? The Woods Have Eyes? IDK Anyway.... If you own a dog and you think they are not watching you then you are totally wrong. 

Your dog is watching you at all times and many of ya'll don't realize it.  What do you think they are doing? Now, none of these thoughts apply if your dog is sleeping bc then he is just well sleeping. So for the purpose of discussion let's talk about awake dogs in the same room with you. Awake dog in room with you= watching you. Therefore, if your dog is aware of you at all times, and you are not using that to your training advantage then you are missing out!

Now we aren't talking about the gratification that comes from another living being tuned in to your every nuance... that is just bonus!! We are talking about how to have a balanced and happy life with your pet. I want the dogs to be happy, as well as, the humans. If you are not concerned about whether your dog is happy then, in my opinion, you should not own a dog... a fish or turtle or as a stretch perhaps a cat but that would be a stretch! I am a crazy dog person!  One of the most important things that I have learned from my Goldens is that they are much like humans in that they are very very in tuned to their leader.
Daisy with some Christmas Swag
Look at Daisy! She knows exactly what is going on. She is looking at me here bc I am the pack leader.  Does she love me? Is that adoration in her eyes? No, I can't sat yes to that, but does she recognize that I feed her, dictate when she is crated and when she can chase a ball etc. etc. ??? I sound like I am her jailer as I read this so let's expound on that. If you or I were in jail would we at all times know where the person in charge of us was? We would know his patterns, his timing, what would make him mad, and what would get us more time in the daylight in the prison yard. We would study him and read his emotions. We would watch his face; listen to the tone of his voice; know his habits. Thus, I give you your beloved Fido! He is doing the same things that we would do if we were totally dependent on another.

So you ask, why is this important? Well, knowledge is always power and according to D. Trump power equals winning...not political at all just couldn't resist!
Daisy and Champ
Anyway, if you want to relate to your pet on a deeper level, or perhaps, have a better behaved...( our standards, not theirs) animal in your home; then it behooves you to understand them. So... Thought Number One is that your pet is watching you at all times and you should use that to communicate your love and your wishes.